Huck Broyles

Huck Broyles

GIS Coordinator


As a Charlotte native, Huck Broyles has experienced Charlotte’s urban expansion for more than 30 years. From the loading docks of abandoned warehouses in what is now ‘South End’ to Uptown’s revival, Huck has been an active participant in Charlotte’s urban transformation through the years.

Huck studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate at The University of Georgia. His professional experience includes multifamily property management, multifamily brokerage and Director of Operations for a private real estate company.

In 2017, Huck received his Masters of Urban Design from UNC-Charlotte, where he learned the fundamentals of quality place making and became proficient in Adobe CS, ArcGIS and 3D modeling applications. Today Huck is focused on exploring ‘The Science of Where’ and understanding the Carolinas’ real estate marketplace.

Huck specializes in GIS Mapping, Market/Site Analysis, Site Design, 3D Rendering and Urban Design through data analytics and creative problem solving/planning. In his free time Huck enjoys creating artwork, including cartography, publication layout, graphic design & photography.